A Little History

Growing up in Milwaukee, I’ve been fishing Lake Michigan since I was a little kid following my Dad around. It was rare that a week would pass without us going fishing. In the early 1980’s, salmon were the name of the game and many days you could do as well onshore as offshore. Fast forward 25 years and boy, have things changed. The lake is crystal clear from the mussel invasion, and besides autumn or the occasional night fishing trip it’s hard to buy a salmon onshore.

The Beginning of Poseidon Flies

We keep our boat at the Port of Milwaukee and fish everywhere from Sheboygan to Kenosha. We also try to compete in as many tournaments as possible. Until the invention of the tinsel fly in the late 80’s, squids were what everyone used. Specifically dodgers with squids. Now flashers and flies rule the roost for a simple reason: they work! If you’re not incorporating flashers and flies into your spread you’re missing out on fish. Big Kings love flasher /fly combos and a small peanut or mini series fly behind a 00 orange dodger in the spring is like a porterhouse steak to a feisty Coho.

The only problem I’ve ever had with this system was the fly. I always felt that I was getting a piece of junk for the price I paid. Sure they would catch fish, but the flies never seemed to last and the hook had to be replaced before I would even put the fly in the water. It seemed all the manufacturers were interested in was my money. I started Poseidon Flies to change that.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Poseidon Flies, we believe that if you’re going to pay $5.00 for a fly, it had better hold up and better be ready to fish right out of the package.

For starters each Poseidon Fly is individually hand tied and whip finished.  You will simply not find a more durable fly.  In addition, each Poseidon Fly comes standard tournament rigged. The tournament rig consists of an Owner 2X Strong ST-41 Size #2 treble hook in the tail and a razor sharp 4/0 Matzuo Octopus Sickle hook snelled on the front! All leaders are tied with 50# Triple Fish Leader Material.

Quality is not sacrificed anywhere on a Poseidon fly, making it the best value you’ll find.

Good luck out there!

Bill Kregel
Poseidon Trolling Flies


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