Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout Tournament Fishing 2015


Let me first start off by saying that fishing is fun and that’s why we do it. It’s as simple as that. There are days where it can be frustrating but it makes the great days that much more enjoyable! Over the years we have started to fish more and more tournaments as a way to add a little more fun and excitement to fishing. We understand that tournament fishing is not for everyone, but if you really want to become a better fisherman and take your Salmon and Trout fishing to the next level, start fishing tournaments.

It’s because of tournaments that we’ve become better at not just catching fish at first and last light, but at catching fish throughout the day! In a perfect world, we’d be able to go fishing whenever we want at first and last light, but the reality is that we’re busy with family and work and can’t make that happen. Learning how to catch fish when you can go fishing often in the middle of the day will make your trips much more enjoyable and way more fun.

In addition to learning how to catch fish throughout the day, fishing tournaments are a great way to get to know other fishermen on the lake. Over the years we’ve gotten to know other top fishing boats and ‘network’ with them. We hope we’ve been able to help other boats become better at catching fish by sharing some of our tips, and we KNOW that we’ve become better by receiving tips from other boats. You can never stop learning if you want to keep catching fish, and tournaments provide an excellent resource to further your education.

Another huge reason to fish tournaments is to support your local fishing clubs and in turn the fishery as a whole.   The tournaments often give back 25% of entry fees to support the resource.  We acknowledge that fishing tournaments is not for everyone but if you have never tried, we encourage you to give it a shot but keep your expectations reasonable. If you’ve never fished tournaments before, you probably aren’t going to go out and win the whole thing your first time but you very easily might catch the biggest fish, or the biggest species, or big three, under 24ft division..etc.  See there are all sorts of ‘mini’ tournament within the main tournament and often lots of ways to win. Good luck and we hope to see some of you in tournaments this year!


2015 Tournament Schedule:


**There are other tournaments throughout the lake as well but these are the ones that team Poseidon plans on fishing this year. All the dates are correct to the best of our knowledge


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