Salmon-A-Rama 2014

The annual Salmon-A-Rama tournament is now over and it was a blast as usual even if fishing was tougher then past years.  The Poseidon crew started out the week fishing the Super Sweepstakes tournament.  We pre-fished the day before the tournament and saw no real promise out deep, it was a fish here a fish there and all lakers, coho’s and rainbows.  So upon pulling out of the harbor gap on Saturday morning and seeing the water temp in the high 50’s on the surface and high 40’s down 25 feet with bait everywhere we decided to make some passes in shallow.  Low and behold the shallows were loaded with some tanker browns, and plenty of nice 10-15# kings.  It was a blast and we capitalized on the bite to capture a 3rd place finish in the Super Sweepstakes and took a 17.86# Brown that hung on for 2nd place in the Brown category for the week!


Sunday we started out fishing the same water that was so productive for us on Saturday, but as to be expected the word got out about the shallow bite.  Boat traffic is a sure fire way to shut down the bite in close, and it did.  We picked up 4 Browns in close before moving out off the hill later in the morning, but the grass was not any greener.   In a couple hours fishing out past the hill we caught only one king and a bow before pulling the plug on the morning.

Work commitments kept the Poseidon crew off the water until Friday.  Friday morning was slow at the start, once again there was cold water in shallow but this time the kings weren’t around only small browns.  So the hunt started…we tried about every band of water you could think of from 20-320fow and all we could catch were a couple average kings, a few coho and bows, and lots and lots of lakers. The fish were in small pods with lots of dead water in between bites, if you found a pod you needed to turn back on it right away before they left for parts unknown.  Are only consistent king bites were coming on various flashers pulling Super Frog or Pop’s Pearl Frog.  Those two flies have been about the only day to consistencies we’ve seen the past few weeks, and they’ve been catching everything. My 7 colors, and wire divers by the end of the week had one of these flies on it at all times, flashers have been variable with green, chrome and white all working, but fly color has been very important.


Saturday morning dawned and with no real solid game plan we went chasing a decent bite we’d been hearing about near the IL border in 180-230fow… Well seems the word was out and lots of boats were trying their luck in this area as well.  We had one of the mornings where no matter what you do it’s not your day.  We were 2 for 8 when we called it at about 8am, frustration had set in losing that many fish.   It was an all rainbow and coho bite for us and they were only hitting our two wire divers, as in all 8 bites were on the same two rods.  One with a Salmon Flute / Super Frog combo the other with a White Double Pearl Pro-Troll and Pop’s Pearl Frog.  I couldn’t get any of my leadcores or riggers to fire and could not buy a bite on a spoon even though my friend in the area was doing quite well with his 10 colors and various spoons.

After we were done for the morning we ran the boat back up to Milwaukee, where we’ll be slipped for the rest of the season.  Word was out that the bite was much better for nice kings from Milwaukee on north, with a phenomenal bite from Algoma to Sturgeon Bay.  Saturday night we made a quick trip out and managed to load up on large lake trout, a few decent kings and rainbows in 30-60fow all on boards pulling 2-10 colors.  It was great to get into some decent size fish again!  This week is sure to see some changes as a strong two day NE blow is going to hopefully change things up for the better!

Good luck out there.



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